Everyone Leaves Character Analysis

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In life people have to depend on themselves, no matter what the circumstances maybe, people come and go. With people coming and going, this leaves you in the same state you have always been in and all you really have is yourself to pick up the pieces. Within the novel of Everyone Leaves , by Wendy Guerra, the main protagonist Nieve learns that strength comes from inside. This strength can make you stronger when you rely on yourself rather than others to fix your problems, this will lead to disappointment. This novel follows the life of Nieve, a cuban girl that lived in the rising power of communism during the 70s and 80s. Her diaries expanded from all the stages of her life from childhood to adulthood. Guerra has a clear message for the reader to understand and take away from Nieveś struggles, which is that she is stronger when alone. When trying to put your hopes and dreams into a single person will only lead to disappointment. Thus making Nieve accustomed to abandonment and distrust of her friends and…show more content…
Nieve is worrying about how her mother might get lost after she was in a major accident and has no one to check and see if she was ok but the paramedics. afterwards Nieve aformes to herself that she has to be self reliant for herself ,as a parent would for their child, and sees the strength associated in being a lone wolf; without having to be tied down to a person her assistance or care. Nieve has know this all her life and it works for the life she was given. People can't always rescue you from outside forces and being your own rock is essential to survive in the world Nieve lives in. Although some might suggest that Nieve has had help in the past to get her out of situations, such as Alen who testified on the behalf of Nieve and Lucia after being tried for reading Lucia’s grandfather's book. But if Lucia had not pestered
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