Pros And Cons Of Living In Rural China

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Fresh air every morning no pollution, no smog no cars going around the streets every five seconds and peaceful sleeping, who wouldn’t want this? Back before 2010 there were a lot of rural citizens in china now more than 50% of people live in urban china now, people in urban china sleep in basements or shacks they built in a courtyard. Now the city is way too overpopulated and there is a lot of pollution and everyone must wear a mask so everyone don’t get sick or get a disease from the pollution. Although some might claim that living in rural china is bad and that almost everyone is a farmer but that isn't always bad everyone make everyone their own food everyone sell food if everyone have a lot and that can lead to having a lot of land which means a lot more money. Everyone should live in rural china and not urban china because Everyone will not be at risk of disease and…show more content…
According to Thomas J Campanella, “It is estimated that another 350 million Chinese will become urban by 2025.“ This means urban life in China will keep getting overpopulated and will extremely dangerous to breath any air due to the extremely high amount of pollution. This is a huge reason for you to not live in urban China and live in rural China because you can possible die from living in China in the future Additionally, according to Thomas J Campanella, “Nearly half the world's steel and cement is devoured there, and much of the world's heavy construction equipment has relocated to the People's Republic. Tower cranes, for example, have become the ubiquitous symbol of urban China.“ This means there will be even more pollution due to them building factories and machinery and cars which all makes more pollution. This is also a big reason to not live in urban China because it will get extremely dangerous in a couple of years it is possible for there to be a

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