Katrina Scene Analysis

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Olly is on the left side while maddy is on the right side of the picture. Beautiful house and trees are in the background, Olly is in the middle ground and maddy is in the foreground. Looking shocked about the fact that Maddy left the house, Olly is trying to tell her to go back and you cannot see Maddy’s face in this frame, but she looks like she is trying to convince him to go. Olly and Maddy are having an intense conversation on whether she should leave or go back to the house. It looks like the scene is in the early morning. Standing outside of Olly’s house are Olly and Maddy and the scene looks very realistic. The distance is short and the scene is between medium and a close-up because we can see the subjects and the setting, the camera…show more content…
She leaves the house to go tell Olly that she doesn’t think that she is sick anymore and that the only way to figure out if she is actually sick or not is for her to be outside. So, she decides to go to Hawaii. Rushed by Maddy, Olly decides to go with her even though he is nervous and scared that she is going to get sick. The compositional elements that made the scene effective are the sound and the visuals, because when Maddy got out of the house there was calming music, birds chirping, and long green trees everywhere to show that the outside world is not dangerous. In the film “Everything Everything”, the story 's meaning is that love overpowers fear causing one to take chances. This is shown by Maddie’s quick reaction to run outside and help a boy she’s falling in love with showing that love overpowers the fear of death. Also, she went to Hawaii with him even though she knew she was sacrificing her life, but she thought that living a day or two with him were worth the chances because she wanted to experience life. Another example is when she wakes up from passing out in Hawaii and the first thing she thought about was were Olly was, not if she was ok or going to die. In the film, when Maddy steps out of her house, it signifies the first steps into freedom of living life as a teenager. Throughout the film, there is a calming and relaxing tone, whenever Maddy heads outside or even when she is with Olly, there is a calming feeling, which symbolizes that love is calming. It also symbolizes that outside is not a dangerous place as Maddy’s mom made it seem. Surprisingly, Maddy’s mother represents the conflict in the film because she lied to Maddy about her sickness. Olly represents the motivation for the conflict because he opened Maddy’s eyes and helped her take risks. In the film the ocean was Maddy’s goal because she always wanted to see the ocean. The character that I related
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