Everything Stuck To Him Short Story

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Especially in literature, when two, young characters fall in love too quickly, there is bound to be a conflict, as shown in the short story. “Everything Stuck to Him” by Raymond Carver, tells the heartfelt story about a man and his daughter reflecting on an event that occurred in their past. Throughout the short story, Carver delivers meaning and development of the plot with his minimalist style of writing leading the readers to make inferences. Also, creating a frame story -- a story within a story --provides a proper background of information and the growth of the characters as they have aged. Finally, Carver’s specific use of diction and symbolism enhances the story. With the author’s choice of minimalist style, a frame story, and symbolic messages, he is able to convey the meaning of the short story and further…show more content…
A frame story helps with the development of the plot and add additional background information of the characters’ pasts. The author wraps the frame story into the overall plot by making the beginning of the story the leading up point to the frame. “I could tell you something that happened when you were a baby”(Carver 1). Involving the frame story gives insight as to the background of the boy and girl’s live prior to their separation. Inside the frame story, the boy and girl are young, recently married adults who are learning the true meaning of parenting. Their story takes place over one day where the boy and girl have an argument over whether or not the boy should go on a hunting trip or stay home and help with their crying daughter. The boy ends up going back to his wife and child leading for them to make up and make waffles. Years later in the outside story, though, the wife is not in the picture, which could possibly lead the readers to believe that other occurrences happened causing her to
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