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Real love for something can only come from when the heart and mind in alignment. In “Everything Will Be Okay” a short story written by James Howe, the main character in the story Jim, is tenacious. Jim, is complicated, but not in a bad way, his view on how life was different, before he rescued a kitten. This kitten didn't only make him realize for the first time how he wanted to be different, but it made him inspired to make changes and be brave enough to halt things he believed were immoral. In this way Jim is Tenacious because he cared for all living things, sticks to his moral values and would do anything to save the cat.

Jim is Tenacious because he has empathy for all living things. Jim was arguing with his brother over if the cat could
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Throughout the story, his emotions begin to arise such as, his frustration for his family for not taking him seriously, his very strong love for the cat and his overall tenacity and obstinacy to always believe in what he thinks is right. Jim is Tenacious because he sticks to his moral values, would do anything to save the cat and has empathy for all living things. Lastly, why would his family not take his values and beliefs into mind? Because he is younger than the rest of his brothers so is not that wise? From not having good hearing? It is from their obstinacy to killing animals, they are so accustomed to that thought so they don't want to let go of it. It would be equivalent to them each losing the kitten so there afraid to. But the truth is that Jim is more mature and wiser than his family because losing the kitten gave him the lesson he needed most: When people try to control your thoughts and opinions, have courage to stand up to those people, because if you don't, they'll control every aspect of you for as long as you let
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