Evidence-Based Evaluation Model

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It is better to use an evidence-based evaluation method to identify the best and most applicable nursing theory or model. Therefore, this discussion is widely based on an evidence-based evaluation of the Orem’s theory as a health promotion model. In the assessment of any theory, it is better first to determine whether it is compatible with the nursing care standards and practices in the modern practices (Fawcett &Desanto-Madeya, 2012). The major question to ask is whether the theory is applicable in proper nursing interventions (Fawcett &Desanto-Madeya, 2012). In regards to the Orem 's theory, it uses three main approaches to illustrate how nursing care can be delivered to patients (Bieda, Centopanti& Callaghan, 2015). Primarily, it indicates that through proper healthcare education, partial compensatory, and wholly…show more content…
It was designed to offer health protection to people by reviewing their multi-dimensional natures as they pursue various health care services or treatments (Sakraida, 2010).Therefore, it defines health not only as a mere lack of disease but also as an active dynamic of the human state. As a result, instead of referring to the physical health only, the theory refers to other factors within the patients ' environments to determine their health (Sakraida, 2010). In regards to evidence-based evaluation, this model uses current evidence provided in various nursing sources to make the decisions regarding the community and personal healthcare delivery (Fawcett &Desanto-Madeya, 2012). Some of the best current evidence used by the model includes the valid research about the health care effects, health problems relating to various pollutants, and the best and accurate diagnostic tests for different health issues (Sakraida, 2010). Consequently, the health promotion model provides good guidelines on how nursing may be upgraded regarding the standards and patients '
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