Evidence Based Juvenile Justice Case Study

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John F. Nix Juvenile Justice Professor Chadwick L. Shook October 4, 2015 Critical Thinking Assignment 2 Evidence-Based Juvenile Justice: Using Diet to Control Delinquent Behavior, Page 92 1) Discuss the morality of doing experimentation with diet. Is it fair, just, and moral to have a control group that is not given a proper diet in order to test the effect of nutrition on delinquency? Let’s say that the controls commit a lot more crime and get into a lot of trouble. What does that say about the cause of scientific inquiry? If you disagree with this approach, how else can you test the effect of diet? (A) I think that it is moral to do experiments with diet if it will change a delinquent’s criminal behavior. Most of our juvenile delinquents…show more content…
Children will always find ways to watch these kind of shows with the type of technology that is available now. Children can watch these type of shows on all type of devices now such as cell phones, I-pads and etc. These children can also view these shows outside the home without the parent’s knowledge. Parents can control the amount of violent television shows by monitoring the programs that their children watch at home and by removing the television out of the child’s room. Also, with today’s technology, televisions now come with parental control and so does other devices. I feel that banning violent television shows goes a little overboard and what about the people who enjoy these types of movies. (2) How can ecological differences in violence rates be explained since everyone has access to media violence no matter where they live? In other words, how would differences in violence rates in cities and rural communities be explained if the media was a cause of violence? (B) I really do not believe that media is a cause of violence in either community. I believe it is just the individual and the environment that they are in. It is common knowledge that the violence rates are always higher in cities than in the rural communities because of the population and poverty, not the media. If an individual goes out and commit a violent crime in either setting because of what they have seen on television,…show more content…
Any intervention that can help steer a young offender in the right direction is always a plus. With these Family Group Conferencing, it can help a young offender learn from the mistake that they have made and admit to what they have done. Also, I think that meeting the victims that they have offended plays a major role in the rehabilitation of the offender because they will be able to meet the families and know how much of a negative impact he or she has made on the family that they have offended. In some cases, I believe that these Family Group Counseling can keep a young offender from spending time in youth correctional facilities for the offenses that they have committed when the families come to an agreement on what the punishment should

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