Evidence-Based Policing Thesis

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Thesis statement
Youth form many marginalized communities in many cases face many encounters with the police men. This is mainly because they are usually associated with criminals in many instances. The conflict theory that relates to these marginalized youths in the community relates to illegal behavior as well. As a result, there are studies mainly done for the purpose of comparing the interactions with students who stay at school with those who reside in shelters. For instance, it is reported that more black students report being stopped by the law enforcers as opposed to their white counterparts. This hence leads to biased policing, (Hayle, 2016).
• Psychological profiling is also another factor. As per Gudjonnsonn et. Al (1997), there is little research that has been done leading to performance that may be proficient. This leads the authors to perform a study with the attempt of
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It is ethical in most case to consider the nature of the crime committed as opposed to pre-trying the victim because he or she belongs to a certain group, (Weitzer, 2005)

Detailed Outline:
1. Profile policy
Profile policy as stated in the previous sections mainly deals with the selective discrimination of a group of persons basing on their race, religion color as well as social status, (Ingram, 1998).
2. Ideas for presentation relating profiling as a policy
The main aspect that falls under profiling mainly relates to the law enforcers as well as a dominant group in a certain region. This usually involves sidelining of individuals who are being treated differently, (Tuch, 2005).
3. Organized structure of the main points
The main points in this case mainly include: the different groups facing profile policy, their handlers, the law enforcers and the general community.
4. Main points outline
• Kinds of profiling policy
• Biased or non-biased profile policy
• Law enforcers and protection profiling
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