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Comprehensive Examination - Fall 2016
Question # 3 – Syllabus for Clinical Applications of Evidenced-based Practice
Course Title: Clinical Applications of Evidenced-based Practice
Credit Hours: Three credits
Course Description: An overview of the research methods and evidence-based practices for nursing in the clinical setting. The theories of evidence-based practice is used to examine complex decision-making activities in the clinical and administrative health care setting.
Course Objectives: At the conclusion of the course, students will be able to:
• Describe evidence-based practice, its essential components in determining best clinical practice (Essential I: Liberal Education for Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice).
• Discuss
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• Apply relevant findings/evidence from research to develop practice guidelines to improve clinical practice and practice environments (Therapeutic Interventions, “Effective Communication in a Variety of Modes,” Essential III).
• Disseminate findings from evidence-based practice to improve clinical outcomes. (Communications, “Ethics and Social Justice,” Essentials III, VI, VII).
Student learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the clinical applications of evidence-based practice course student will be able to:
• Describe evidence-based practice (EBP) to include the components of research evidence, clinical expertise, and patient/family values.
• Explain the role of evidence in determining quality care for patient’s in the clinical setting.
• Demonstrate understanding of evidence-based practice models and processes in initiating care in the clinical setting.
• Design critiques of evidence that integrate principles and methods of appraising evidence to improve health outcomes.
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Objectives: After completing the assigned module reading and assignment, students will be to;
• Develop a researchable PICOT question relevant to the clinical practice.
• Identify evidence-based resources for developing answers to the question
• Complete a table of evidence for the research studies.
• Critically analyze research-based articles based on the levels of evidence.
• Synthesize collected evidence to develop order sets for final EBP proposal.
Student Instructions:
• Select a problem from the nursing practice (your focus should be to shed light on a practice-related issue).
• State the question using PICOT format.
• Search online database for strong evidence.
• Develop a table of evidence for the research studies.
• Select at least three articles for critique.
• Critically appraise the selected articles using critique guidelines (please use Appendix E and F of John Hopkins Model/link to the site attached)
• Use minimum three pages for each critique.
• Grading Rubric attached to the assignment link
• Follow APA
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