Evidence-Based Practice In Nursing

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Evidence-based practice in nursing and healthcare Introduction Evidence-based health care refers to the careful and thoughtful decision-making that happens during patient care, which is greatly influenced by valid and clinically relevant research, to provide quality patient care and improve patient outcomes (Broom and Adams, 2012). As such, the main aim of the evidence-based health care is to help healthcare providers make choices that best affect individual patients, of which they have to base their judgment on current and valid information. Evidence-based practice is a process that necessitates practitioners to examine the patient, come up with a clinical query, carry out a research pertaining the question, and attain supportive evidence.…show more content…
Therefore, in pursuance of knowledge to learn more about evidence-based healthcare, it is important to discuss how research influences the existing medical knowledge and practice, explore how evidence-based patient care can better the quality of care, and determine the various types of clinical strategies that can help foster an evidence-based nursing practice. Additionally, it is also important to analyze the component of the nursing process that aligns with evidence-based practice. Effects of research on existing medical knowledge and practice Over time, there has been a strong connection between health research and evidence-based practice. That is, research has become such a crucial factor in the present day medical practice due to the various impacts it has on the health sector. First, research enables…show more content…
First, educational strategies can help encourage the practice of evidence-based nursing. For instance, nurses and medical students can be introduced to evidence-based practice, where they get to learn and adapt to the skill; hence perfect their expertise on the topic matter. Moreover, nurses should be allowed to access evidence-based resources to improve their knowledge and enquire more often about how to better the services in healthcare (Conner, 2014). Additionally, the clinical facilities should accommodate practice strategies that foster evidence-based nursing practices. For instance, healthcare facilities should establish Nursing Practice Councils and research centers that will help foster quality research in the amenities. Another strategy is the provision of accessible electronic evidence-based resources. That is, nurses should be provided with internet-enabled devices that will broaden their research borders and hence conduct an exhaustive study on various clinical matters. Furthermore, effective organizational strategies will also help boost evidence-based nursing procedures. For example, clinical facilities should set up marketing-nurse week activities so that there is an exchange of material and more collaboration among the
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