Evidence-Based Practice In Nursing Education

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Research has proven over and over again that using evidenced-based practice (EBP) lowers the cost of healthcare, provides for better patient outcome, and for best work satisfaction among nursing staff. Yet, there is disagreement among nurses about the real value of doing research to change and initiate better nursing practices. The lack of enthusiasm to generate knowledge from research has many different facets, depending on who is questioned. Moving EBP into the clinical practice is complicated by time constraints, increasing demands on nursing care, and the inability to incorporate into the organization’s policies and procedures. For years, nurses have followed agency protocols for patient care some that based on research and others that…show more content…
212). However, with that being said, faculty stress the importance of EBP in clinical practice, but there is minimal research on how nurse educators design EBP into their curriculum. Also, the National League for Nursing states that nursing curriculum design be an evidenced-based teaching practice, but report that nursing faculty used little evidenced-based theory to guide the curriculum design, evaluation, and educational measurement (Kalb, O’Conner-Von, Brockway, Rierson, & Sendelbach, 2015). Because of the nursing shortage, new graduates are placed in staffing rotation with inadequate orientation compounded with little experiences. The Institute of Medicine’s report on patient safety issues has come to the forefront of educators and healthcare providers (Robert, Tilley, & Peterson,…show more content…
This term as remembered was taken from an industry practice which measured quality, time and cost. This was also called “best practice benchmarking” which allowed organizations to plan, compare, and adopt best practices. With further development of this concept, nursing has progressed to EBP, which is unique to nursing practice. Educators must look to pedagogies that use constructivist experiential learning, not just in the class room, but as a clinical learning experience. With the changes in healthcare, shortages of nurses, increase in technology educators are now in the position to create a new atmosphere of learning that inspires inquiry and a quest to further develop EBP. Nursing educators must drive to implement EBP into
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