Evidence Based Practice In Nursing

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Nursing is a complex and a challenging profession that incorporates a quest to define the best practices leading to the holistic care of the patient. The integration of evidence based practice into nursing has opened up realms for practice change and dissemination of knowledge based on the current research available. The need for quality improvement and improving patient health outcomes based on clinical analysis lead to the evolution of evidence based practice (Evidence Based Nursing, n.d.).Evidence based practice is a combination of quality decisions and provision of nursing care based on current research to promote safety of patient health care. Evidence based practice includes evidence that is related
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Barrier recognition is the first step to overcome the barrier to deliver evidence based practice. Group discussions can be organized to overcome organizational barriers and insights and opinions of emergency nurses can be taken into consideration to develop strategies. Nurses must be educated regarding the positive patient outcomes when evidence based practice is implemented (Bernadette, 2002). Encouraging case scenarios and initiating logical questioning to assist emergency nurses to understand the benefits of EBP.Basic skills to access Evidence based research and the process of EBP must be taught to all nurses.Organisational culture change needs to be initiated. Management support and encouragement are the main key elements for success in implementing EBP (Bernadette, 2002).Evidence based research must be encouraged at undergraduate levels to initiate and encourage interest in research and to evaluate current nursing practices. Emphasis on the importance of evidence based care must be encouraged by nursing tutors and educators as many of the discussed strategies fail to develop into practices and only remain as academic workshops (Schmidt & Brown, 2007). Encouraging continuing education is another strategy to overcome the barrier to implement evidence based practice. Nurses must be taught where and how to search for researches and…show more content…
Expertise decision and clinical judgment in combination with patient preferences are key elements of successful evidence based practice (Nay & Featherstonehaugh, 2007).A wide numbers of strategies have been identified to implement evidence based care in emergency area of nursing. Strategies must be evaluated to determine the effectiveness of the evidence based practice .Previous research studies proved that health care professionals found their work more rewarding when evidence based practice is implemented in patient care (Dawes, 1996). Students at nursing university level must be taught the value of evidence based practice to create a culture where evidence based practice in emergency department and health care settings becomes the norm and not a rarity (Bernadette ,2002).Nurses must explore and must adopt best evidence based practices ; nursing leaders must strive constantly to improve the work practice environment. Organizations must be committed to use research findings to enhance best practices (Beyea & Slattery, 2006).The focus on evidence based practice needs to be a part of individual’s clinician’s motivation and organizational work culture. Bridging practice and research by designing critical questioning ,utilizing best researches, implementing nursing practice changes and evaluating the effect of the practice change on patient
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