Evidence Based Practice Essay

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INTRODUCTION: This contextual project consists of 10 concept from the block 1 study with the title “Research and Nursing Research”. The meaning of each concept will be clarified, critically analyzed and applied to social context, personal life and current professional life. The usefulness of the concept to the current world will also be explained. 1. CONCEPT 1-EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE IN NURSING This concept was deducted from module 2 with the topic “Concept of Evidence-based practice”. Evidenced-based nursing is a way of making decision and providing nursing care that is based on clinical issues and combine it with the most current, relevant research that is available on that issue. Evidence based nursing utilize the most up to date method of providing care, which have been proven via assessing high quality studies and statistically with significant research findings. The goal is to improve the health and safety of patient while also providing care in a cost-effective manner to improve the outcome for both the patient and the health care system at large. According to Melyn and Fineout-overholt(2005)Evidence-based practice should be a problem-solving approach to clinical practice that integrates a systematic search for critical appraisal of the most relevant evidence to answer a burning clinical question.…show more content…
Evidence-based nursing practice help to improve individual bedside practice because nurses work in the ward based on knowledge they obtained from previous research. It can also answer problematic clinical practice issue since it aim at solving problem, it improves nurse’s quality and reduces variations in care. Nurses are also confident in their decisions due to the fact that they know what they’re doing and can as well prove it because every patient deserves care that is based on the best scientific knowledge and ensures high quality and are cost-
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