Evidence Based Practice In Nursing Research

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Discussion of Evidenced-Based Practice as a Science The science of nursing is based on evidence-based practices and constitutes the core of nursing. What is wrong with the patient? Why are they here? What information do you have to support your care plan? What subtle changes in their condition are important? When do you respond to or call a doctor to intervene in their condition? Can you anticipate the coming needs of your patient based on the numbers and the results given to you? Can you correctly calculate a medication dosage? All of these questions are based on physical signs and personal intuition and are aspects of the science of nursing. According to William Holzemer, nursing is a profession, and an academic discipline, and a science…show more content…
Unfortunately, many tend to think about the art and science of nursing to be two distinct components of practice. However, thousands of years ago during Aristotle’s time, art and science were combined within the general concept of philosophy of science (Holzemer 2006). The science of nursing includes theoretical concepts, scientific research and the application of this with skills and critical thinking. The art of nursing is complex and requires a conscious commitment to purposeful efforts to include caring behaviors during each nurse-patient interaction (Jasmine 2009). Both are required for effective and safe nursing. Evidence-based practice is centered on science and research. The science of nursing is easily noticeable and is very critical for nurses to know. Nurses are required to know diseases mechanisms of hundreds of diseases, medications, side effects and interactions of drugs, policies, practices, procedures and proper use of equipment. Healthcare is moving more and more into the future and technological advancements are now a daily occurrence. Nurses must complete continuing education to stay informed and competent in current practices. However, as the science of nursing is clearly advancing rapidly, some feel like the art of nursing is falling by the wayside (Scala 2017). Given the growing emphasis on the current healthcare environment to deliver patient-centered care, the art of nursing and its influence on patient outcomes is being re-evaluated. The art of nursing is the human connection with the person. It is providing holistic care across the continuum. The art requires the nurse to be present, fully engaged with the patient in front of them. Science and evidence-based practice are both essential for nursing. The medical field calls for a balance between art and science and needs strategies that can help the

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