Nursing And Evidence-Based Practice

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Evidence based practice and how is it relative to nursing practice
Nursing practice is often guided by tradition rather than evidence-based practices. Over the past two decades nursing has gone through vast changes. Patient care has shifted to evidence-based practice which uses current research and historical evidence to implement care and improve patient outcomes. EBP integrates clinical expertise, patient values and preferences, and critical appraisal of relevant evidence to clinical questions (Chrisman, Jordan, Davis, & Williams, 2014). Furthermore, evidence-based practice indicates when making decisions about patient care based on quality evidence reduces complications and lowers healthcare cost (Brewer, 2011). Standardizing patient care nationally, using the most up to date research, is the goal of evidence-based care.
Historical perspective of research in nursing
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It was through her meticulous documentation and systematic planning during the Crimean war for which she was credited in reducing the death rate of wounded soldiers through the use of sanitary improvements. She was also the founder of the modern nursing education. Centuries later, several research journals were developed to communicate academic productivity and nurses ' research. In the United States, the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) adds a nursing view to behavioral and biomedical research (Blais & Hayes, 2016). NINR promotes health and conducts research to establish a foundation for clinical
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