Evidence Based Practice Reflection Paper

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Tammy did an excellent job by taking into consideration several things regarding her personal values. Of those that come to mind to her, when reflecting on the interview tools used, she believe honesty and accountability are at the top of her list. She believes a nurse must know her strengths and weaknesses in order to expand and improve. A potential employee must realize that the patient is the center of focus for the institution and staff and must be accountable to providing excellent care at all times. Tammy also states that effective communication would be a close second, because in order to be an effective nurse and employee, one must be able to communicate effectively. The way a potential employee answers many of the questions will enable …show more content…

She felt that as a manager, it is imperative that staff are aware that their direct care and nursing interventions should be based on evidence-based practice. In a critical care unit, patients may have multiple co-morbidities in addition to their admission diagnosis. She also posted that Evidence Based Practice is a way an ICU nurse can be involved with process improvements for the unit to help guide future practice which will lead to decreased admissions and better outcomes for our …show more content…

Especially since EBP has not been widely adopted and surveyed nurses admit that they do not routinely use it even though they know it is important (Kaplan et al., 2014)." She replied back with an exceptional post regarding the significance of the ACE Star Model of Knowledge Transformation along with illustrations. Brenda felt that her expectations from the interviewee would be that she answer by stating she provides to her patients safe, quality care by ensuring that her nursing interventions are based on current clinical practice guidelines which are derived from Evidence-Based Practice and that if reviewing a clinical guideline she observes it to not be updated, she notifies her nurse manager. Awesome Job

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