Evidence Based Practice Research

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Evidence based practice (EBP) is a significant component of nursing care. It provides a framework that involves scientific evidence, clinical expertise and patient values for nurses to ensure the use of the best of clinical decision (Phillips, 2015). According to the Reference Guide to the Syllabus of Subjects and Requirements for the Preparation of Registered Nurse of the Nursing Council of Hong Kong (2014), “Nursing is a caring, enabling, knowledge-based and competence-assessed profession which is dynamic in meeting the changing health needs of the society. The practice of nursing is client-focused and evidence-based.” Therefore education of basic knowledge in conducting research and EBP is involved in syllabus of a registered
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They believed doctors are the main person to make decision and they just need to follow the guidelines from administration due to the top to down approach of hospital system in Hong Kong. Therefore, they are lack in confidence to embrace changes by themselves. Some of the nurses are not motivated by the improving patient outcomes as they only treat their daily work as “being safe with no accident”. Thus they are too conservative to implement new changes when they just followed the steps from the front. Their awareness of current decision- making is also low that they are unable to ask clinical question and start to conduct research. The negative attitude is a considerable barrier in healthcare setting especially when the senior nurses or advanced practice nurses are the staff who are the most resistance to change. As they have the ability and power to shape the culture in ward, they may inhibit the junior nurses to change when they are too passive to…show more content…
Only providing research atmosphere is not good enough for facilitating EBP. Harris et al. (2015) suggested that the higher priorities of project and the pursuit of excellence promote the development of beliefs. The organizations should provide staffs with evidenced based guidelines that their policies and procedures are based on the best evidence (Melnyk, 2014). Therefore all the staff would follow the guidelines and funds were allocated to promote EBP. When there is enough founding for conducting research, it benefits researchers to implement the evidence and evaluating outcomes. The ShaTin Hospital provided finances for buying new technologies such as electrical high low beds and pressure sensors. (Kwok et al., 2012) The economic supports could show nurses are highly appreciated and trusted to introduce new EBP in work, which would facilitate them implementing
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