Evidence Based Practice Step By Step Analysis

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The “Evidence-Based Practice: Step by Step” articles, by the American Journal of Nursing explains how quality of care is improve though evidence based practice. By preforming the step method of approach, nurses can gain the ability to conduct an effective search for data to improve patient conditions. In order to apply the steps of evidence based practice, the article follows a case scenario of a nurse named Rebecca, though some of the following steps.
The articles stated that there are seven steps in the process, beginning with step zero, which states that the nurse must have a “spirit of inquiry” in order to determine that there is a need for an intervening question. This is necessary, because nurses become complacent with outdated methods
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There are multiple factors in the role of finding the best evidence, such as determining the level of evidence, selecting the most relevant databases to conduct the search, and choosing keywords from the PICOT question. The article stated that Rebecca searched for studies that could provide her with strong evidence that could be used to support her possible practice change. She searched within databases that would give her relevant information towards her topic such as CDSR and DARE. To find the relevant data she used keywords within the PICOT question, then she applied search strategies such as using “and” and selecting defining parameters.
For step three and four, the nurse must critically appraise the evidence and integrate the evidence with clinical expertise and patient preference and values. The nurse must question the results of the study and determine that they are relevant in the search. After, the nurse must come to a conclusion about the studies and decide whether they have the same results or support her change. When the nurse deems the information useful the change must be weighed against the variables that will also influence patient

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