Evidence Based Public Health Essay

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In order to improve the health of the population research must be put into action. Research and practice are the reasons for successful programs that have helped improve the help of numerous situations in the world. In order to improve and other concerns there must be improvement of the evidence-based approach. Evidence-based public health is defined as the development, implementation, and evaluation of effective programs and policies in public health through application of principles of scientific reasoning, including systematic uses of data and information systems, and appropriate use of science theory and program planning models.1 Evidence-based public health is important because it provides evidence in making decisions about the care…show more content…
These four analytical tools are: public health surveillance, systematic reviews/evidence-based guidelines, economic evaluation, health impact assessment and participatory approaches.2 In order to compare these four analytical tools of EBPH, I would suggest that the four are all important in collecting, analyzing and interpreting data for a specific area of health. In order to do this, each analytical tool has a different path it takes to do so. Public health surveillance involves the ongoing systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of specific health data, closely integrated with the timely dissemination of these data to those responsible for prevention and controlling disease or injury.2 Systematic reviews and evidence-based guidelines are syntheses of comprehensive collections of information on a particular topic.2 Economic evaluation provides information to help assess the relative value of alternative expenditures on public health programs and policies.2 Health Impact assessment seeks to estimate the probable impact of a policy or intervention in nonhealth sectors. Lastly, participatory approaches actively involves community members in research and intervention projects define issues of concerns, develop strategies for intervention, and evaluate the outcomes.2 Although there are specific duties that each analytical tool focuses on, there improving health, policies, interventions, and so forth are the main subjects of
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