Evidence Based Research Critique Essay

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The objective of this essay is to explore and analyse a research topic relevant to me as a practitioner. This research critique will then be utilised in practice. . According to Jolley 2010 research is the driving force in improving care to patients through evidence based research. Research based practice is a hallmark of professional nursing as stated by (ICN)cite .Closing the Gap Moule et al states that for health practitioners to provide excellent care they must be research orientated (2011). For nurses to provide excellent care they need to be able to critically assess the quality of the research which is relevant to their practice (Freshwater and Bishop 2003) p 3. It is of paramount importance that the most up to date research and information…show more content…
In the end, I brainstormed in order to explore my interest and what would broaden my knowledge. According to (Moule et al, 2011) in order to follow the research process, one must follow a series of stages; such as identifying problems, searching the literature, critically reading research, research aims, questions and hypothesis, ethical issues, sampling techniques, data collection, data analysis and interpretation of results. At first it was hard to identify what article I would critique as there were many articles that I could have chosen. The area that I have a particular interest in researching is related to my work with critically ill and often terminally ill patients. The topic that I have chosen to research relates to nurse’s experience in caring for terminally ill patients and their families. Evidence Based Practice in Nursing, Ellis, P (2013) 2nd Ed London Sage Literature search My primary approach to sourcing reliable research data was to use the online databases Cinahl and Medline. Table 1 shows the process of searching for a suitable research topic to critique. The search words consisted of “nurses’ attitudes”, “patients” and “death” with the number of results from each word. Table 1 Database / word searched Cinahl
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