Evidence Of Rationalism In Ichabod's Sleepy Hollow

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Characteristics of Rationalism is strongly expressed through Ichabod Crane. From his extensive language to his briefcase full of medical tools to his neoclassic home, Ichabod clearly shows evidence of Rationalism in Sleepy Hollow. At the beginning of the film, a man is found dead in the river. While one constable wanted to burn the corpse, Ichabod wanted to use science and reason to find out the cause of death. This is evident when he says, “By pathology we might determine whether or not he was dead when he went into the river.” Through his language and use of keywords such as “pathology,” it is evident that Ichabod is a Rational thinker. Furthermore, Ichabod carries a briefcase filled with medical tools and inventions of his own. Rationalism
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