Evidence: The Four Main Types Of Evidence

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Evidence is the means by which the court is informed of the facts on dispute between the parties, as set out in their pleadings. Upon that evidence, the court decides the issues of fact. The four main types of evidence available to prove the facts in issue are documentary evidence; evidence of witnesses of fact; evidence of expert witnesses; and real evidence. Documentary evidence is produced in almost every civil action. The public documents such as birth, marriage, or death certificates. The private documents such as contracts, deeds, and leases. Then, the evidence of witnesses of fact will either present their evidence in the form of oral testimony at the trial of the action, or in written form with or without additional oral evidence. For the evidence of expert witnesses, the expert witness needs to have some special skill, knowledge, or experience on the subject in question. A practitioner should, therefore, choose his or her client’s expert witnesses with care. Real evidence is evidence which can be seen by the court. It can be a material object such as a piece if defective machinery, or a model of a material object, such as a scale model of a building. A person can also be classified as real evidence.…show more content…
A party proposing to adduce hearsay evidence must give to the other party or parties to the proceedings notice of the fact and, on request provide such particulars of or relating to the evidence as is reasonable and practicable in the circumstances for the purpose of enabling him/her or them deal with the matters arising from its being hearsay. Hearsay evidence of whatever degree, that is first hand, second hand, or multiple hearsay, is
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