Nursing Research: Real Life Application

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This contextual project work is consisting of 10 concepts from the module entitled ‘’ Research and Nursing Research’’ block 3. Each one of the concepts will be described in terms of its meaning, will be critically analyzed for its real life application and will be followed by some reference of the current research evidence. Real life application will explore a possible relationship of the concept with personal, social or professional life.
1. Concept- 1 Evidenced Based Practice { EBP}
This concept is taken from Research and Nursing Research block 3, module 2 entitled ‘’Evidenced Based Practice’’
History in 1980 has it that ‘’evidenced based practice’’ came into being as a result of other clinicians other than physicians recognized
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The professional codes, laws, regulations, and ethics committees need to provide guidance but the onus lies with the researcher’s value system and moral code to carry out a credible research.
3.1Personal Concept:
Personally, these course is a learning opportunity for me and l am personally motivated with modules like nursing research been taught. The program has helped to sharpen my thoughts on the concept of nursing research process and its benefits to our nursing practice, nursing education and nursing administration. I know for a fact that research is a problem solving process, a systematic, intensive study directed towards full, scientific knowledge of subject studied {French Ruth} .Without research that meets ethical standards, we have only assumptions to guide us, and results that are likely to be inaccurate.
3.2 Social
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Initially, l clearly defined my goals and objectives of the data collection to ensure the data gathered will be accurate, credible, can be repeated, reproduce able. Then reach an understanding and agreement on the operational definitions and methodology for data collection. As a student there is often a marked divide in my mind between using a qualitative or quantitative approaches.
8.2 Social Concept:
Socially, data gathered about a phenomena contain real information and it is useful to the improvement efforts in the society. Good data collection planning prevents errors that commonly occur in data collection process, it saves time and money that otherwise might have been spent on repeated or failed attempts to collect useful data. A question that is about people’s opinions, trying to engage with subtle manners of their everyday life might go the qualitative path.
8.3 Application to current

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