Evil And Evil In Othello

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Othello is a tragic love story written by William Shakespeare. The story revolves around the heroic character Othello, who is strong both physically and mentally, but ultimately succumbs to jealousy that eventually destroys his love with Desdemona and his life. The central evil within the play that worms his way into the mind of each character is Iago. Iago is both evil and brilliant in the way he slowly corrupts each character to the point of destruction. Through his thoughts that he speaks to himself through the play, the audience can understand evil in its sincerest form. Iago 's villain characteristics were evident from the beginning of "Othello" in act one scene one. Roderigo is the first person that Iago begins to infect with his manipulative ways. Iago also made his hatred known towards Othello because Othello chose Micheal Cassio to be his lieutenant instead of Iago. The other reasons given in the play for Iago 's hatred toward Othello is Iago suspects Othello and Emilia (Iago 's wife) of adultery. In the essay "Where Iago lies: Home, honesty, and the Turk" Sam Wood…show more content…
Iago is a naturally evil person and would probably take enjoyment in creating drama without reason, but since he has convinced himself that he has reasons, it increases his motivation and adds more fuel to feed the fire of his

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