Evil And The Darkness In Joseph Conrad's The Heart Of Darkness

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Everyone in the world has their own way to fight off the evil and the darkness in their minds, but sometimes it can be difficult. Marlow, and ordinary sailor, goes on a fascinating yet dark adventure, as a newly hired river boat captain to find the legendary Belgium Trading company that is located up the congo river. When describing the events and the sites along the Congo River, Joseph Conrad wrote “The Heart of Darkness” in a first person view with Marlow as the main character. In this novella, the large, unknown landscape of the unexplored lands of Africa represents the darkness and corruption in people 's lifes, that everyone struggles to overcome, especially Marlow.
The protagonist in this novella would be Marlow. Throughout the story he is seen as “not typical” and “he had the appearance of a Buddha preaching in European clothes”. Another main character in the story would be Kurtz, he is not seen as an antagonist, but could be a foil of Marlow. Kurtz and Marlow have the same background when going into Africa, but Kurtzs thoughts and actions differ from Marlows because of the influence Africa has on their minds.
Throughout the novella Marlow is lured into the theme of darkness. At the beginning of the book while Marlow was sitting on a dock waiting, he was thinking about how Native England is “one of the darkest places on earth” ( ). While Marlow is reflecting he thoughts, it foreshadows his untold story, referring to england 's horrible colonial practices and his
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