Evil Dead Film Analysis

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Evil Dead is a science fiction film and it was written and directed by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell. It was release in 1981. The movie opens with five youngsters going on a road trip following a map. They are heading to an old abandoned cabin. The tension starts to build when they cross the weak bridge leading to the cabin because they almost had the car fall under the bridge. A swing chair is at the front of the house swinging on its own. As one of the youngsters approaches the house and takes the keys, the swing chair mysteriously comes to a stop. The cabin is a creepy looking abandoned one with old antiques hanging on the walls and spooky sounds coming from dark corners of the cabin. Strange things start to happen and Shirley, one of the…show more content…
Plato believed that the application of this knowledge could alter human existence and affect human life; he became proto science fiction writer. Science fiction is intertwined with horror and is indeed very similar to the horror genre. The two genres possess the very similar characteristics in that the two genres have almost the same effect on its viewers which is fear, anxiousness and anticipation. Science fiction and horror also possess similar generic elements such as blood, objects that can aid violence and gore but science fiction deals more with paranormal activity, things that make the mind question the nature of the world we live in, the earth. The infiltration of the earth by beings from other planets such as aliens, UFO’s, resurrection of dead bodies, demons, the break out of a deadly virus which will cause human beings to behave in an inhuman way such as becoming carnivorous and eating other human…show more content…
Spaceships were often associated with science fiction and are still associated with it till this day. “Science fiction became space fiction. All rocketeers were science fiction readers it is safe to say in Germany as in the USA” Aldiss and Wingrove (1989).
Science fiction goes beyond space and the other planets, it must not be along those lines before it can be identified as a science fiction book or film, also, it must not always be about the growth in technology over a period of time depends on the author or directors ideas and how they wish to present these ideas.
The Best accomplishments of science fiction can be linked to the genre exploring the relationship between man and his environment and the capabilities of man. This shows that science fiction is not only about technological changes but it is also about the evolution of man and other species.
There have been many debates on the story behind evolution. “the ancient Greeks had held enlightened views on these matters, thales believing that all life originated from water, and anaxiemenes that it came into being spontaneously from the primaeval slime. Later, in Christian Europe, the bible defeated any such ideas, and a literal interpretation of genesi generally held sway” Aldiss and Wingrove
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