Evil In Grendel

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I believe John Gardner wrote Grendel, not to make us sympathize for Grendel, but to help us understand why Grendel has this dark, pessimistic view of the world. John Gardner did an amazing job narrating a back story from the monstrous point of view of Grendel. There are many people who disagree and say John Gardner wrote Grendel to make the monster of Grendel seem more monstrous, and barbaric, but I feel these people are not fully digesting the text. There is plenty of evidence that shows Grendel was written so we could better understand the mind of Grendel. John Gardner’s Grendel, is all in the monster Grendel’s point of view. Grendel starts by sharing his childhood, and his relationship with his mother. Grendel states, “Explored our far-flung underground world in an endless wargame of leaps onto nothing, ingenious twists into freedom or new perplexity, quick whispered plottings with invisible friends, wild…show more content…
There are many examples from the story that make Grendel look even more monstrous than he already was, but that’s because the story is at the point of view of the monster. So, we’re able to see the natural habitat of the monster Grendel. Although, the young life of Grendel may be barbaric and monstrous to us, it’s not to Grendel, because that’s his life. As you can see, there many valid reasons why I believe John Gardner wrote Grendel to help us understand the monster’s mind. Grendel expresses his thoughts and emotions throughout the whole story, so we’re able to see how Grendel is feeling. He also shares his views of the world and existence itself. There are many people who disagree, and believe the story of Grendel was written to make Grendel look even more monstrous and scary. I believe these people are paying too much attention to the setting of the story, and grendel’s actions, and not paying enough attention to Grendel’s
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