Evil In Julius Caesar Research Paper

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The Evil Within Being evil doesn’t always mean doing bad things. Being evil can mean saying bad or mean things or even thinking those things. Innate human evil is evil that is natural and born into the human body and mind. Sometimes, people can’t help evil things that they think, but can help what they say and do. In Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare, he uses Cassius’ and Antony’s actions and thoughts to show its easy for people to let evil get the better of them. How do people let their evil side get the better of them? It’s not difficult for people to let their evil side get the better of them, especially if they aren’t strong willed. Some people choose to do bad or be evil. Other people think being evil is easier than doing what is right. Usually people are blinded by anger, sadness, or jealousy and that makes them want to do whatever they need to, to make them feel avenged or okay with the situation. The choice to do bad is a personal choice that nobody can choose for another person. Ultimately, it’s up to a single person.…show more content…
Overall, Antony cares more about Caesar and his death than anyone or anything, so he lets evil win. When Antony realizes Caesar is dead, he is so overwhelmed by grief that he wants to die right then and there because he doesn’t want to live in a world without Julius Caesar. That is how much Antony loves him. Antony was blinded by his sadness and the loss, that he lost his senses and the only solution he could see was death for himself. When he finally regained his senses and his composure, he made a plan to avenge Caesar’s death by turning the whole of Rome against Cassius and
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