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Shakespeare is a remarkable author who liked to put tragedy to a new meaning. Through the tragic play: Macbeth, we follow Macbeth, through his ambition, greed, and manipulation that eventually brings him to his demise. As announced Thane of Cawdor, like the weird sisters have promised, he finds himself wondering if he will later be announced king. We find our tragic hero put to the test of good and bad, brought on by his wife. Through the theme of man and order versus disorder, we find Lady Macbeth manipulating our tragic hero to do the unspeakable. Using guilt and Macbeth’s weakness’ against him, our Lady is seen as the cause of all of Macbeth’s actions. Lady Macbeth bears the responsibility for the countless deaths in this story, and the…show more content…
She believes that since the witches have prophesied that he would become Thane of Cawdor, and king, that only the first half of the prophecy has come true so far, and that with his “stir” they will acquire the title promised. She puts Macbeth’s hamartia: ambition, against him, and try to play him into doing what she believes will get him the crown. Macbeth may be a man, and as a man he should take responsibility for his actions overall. However without the cause of Lady Macbeth to test him and push him towards doing the deed, there would be no effect of him killing innocent men. Throughout the play we see Macbeth question his manhood and bravery, his wife adds onto that doubt by calling him a coward and showing him a way he could fix his problems overall. With the question: what is more dangerous, an opportunity or a thought? an opportunity gives you the chance to take it, but a thought makes the action come to life. Macbeth may be partially responsible for the deaths, because he was the one to do them, but without the push and thought given from Lady Macbeth, he would not have followed through with his temptation and killed anyone innocent. Ergo, Lady Macbeth bears most responsibility for the deaths in this play, because without her push, Macbeth would never have gone through will these multiple
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