Evil In Madam Defarge's A Tale Of Two Cities

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Human evil is the act of a person doing something, knowing that the action they commit is very wrong. Like some people choose to do the right thing, there are also a handful of people who choose to do the wrong types of actions. I do not believe people are born evil, I do believe though that they can have influence from close relations around them. For instance, parents, if they scream and yell, or do acts that are evil, can have an affect on their children who would then form those habits. People, if to that point, can change though. With a lot of help and guidance people can be helped and turned back into a great and helpful person again. Some circumstances can be worse than others though. Killings, drugs, or any other acts of cruelty can drive people to do the same acts, or even…show more content…
An example from the story ,A Tale of Two Cities, Madam Defarge does not have much empathy for people during the attacks, cutting peoples heads off, and attacking people in Chapter 21. Madame Defarge was driven to do this, because all of the hardships that her people, including herself, have gone through. Evil can develop in people of any age and can have disastrous effects depending on who it is and what that individual is upset about. The younger a person is, the easier it may be to rid them of the evil that may have been caused by events of people around them. The older they are they more they would want to hold on to what they are feeling. Also, an older person would feel the need to spread and justify what they are feeling to make more people follow their cause. This is done in hope for a better life, or a change in the way certain events already are. I think when people say that someone is born evil, it directs more towards a certain person and they might not have a past of very
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