Evil Vs Evil Macbeth Analysis

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Evil vs Evil:Jack vs Macbeth People who thirst for power hungry will commit evil acts to remain in power. In the novel “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding, and the play “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare, there are two wicked characters who killed and manipulated for power. Take Jack, a once preppy choir boy turned tyrant and Macbeth a once brave and loyal warrior turned tyrant. Jack and Macbeth are two characters who are ambitious, whose personalities darkly change throughout their stories and who are evil. Jack is bent on power from the beginning whereas, Macbeth is manipulated by three witches and his wife to take power. Power affects these two men in different ways, Jack starts to become his true self whereas Macbeth starts to hallucinate and go insane. This relates to the point of view of the authors: William Golding believes people are inherently evil whereas William Shakespeare believes people are inherently good. The question is, who is more evil Jack or Macbeth? Both Jack and Macbeth are ambitious and hungry for power. Jack is hungry for power from the beginning. He declares that he “ought to be chief… because [he’s] chapter chorister and head boy.” This shows that even upon his arrival on the island he craves being in charge. Macbeth is also ambitious however, he doesn’t realize that he wants to be king until he is manipulated by three witches and his wife to be king. A witch says “All hail Macbeth [who] shal[l] be king”. This piece of dialogue gets Macbeth to

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