Evils Of Cybercrime

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Cybercrime is an increasing concern in the world wide web. It is something that could affect us all, although still undefined in any constitutional act. Cybercrime is any type of crime that occurs over the computer or by electronical means. The victim does not even have to know the perpetrator for the crime to be committed. Cybercrime is one of the biggest criminal threats in the 21st century and most people are likely to encounter it:
There are various types of internet crimes that could be committed. among them pornography is among one of the worst. this leading to prostitution, drug activity, and crimes against children. Cyber stalking, theft and money laundering or phishing could result from using the internet in the 21st century. Each
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Unlike cybercrime, cyber activism is often less target specific and therefore any organization can potentially face campaigns driven by Nebulous motives that can be hard to foresee. Cybercrime is one of the highly ranked crimes in this century and is “inevitable”. Technology is just far too advanced and the crimes are occurring rapidly that eradicating it Is almost impossible.
Nugent identified four drives for S’A’s high risk for cybercrime. First was the country’s comparatively high levels of internet connectivity, resulting in “a larger attack surface.” (Nugent,2011). A second factor was the country’s wealth and particularly its high GDP per capita. A third factor was the “relatively poor levels of cyber security education and preparedness among businesses and the wider populace.” (Nugent,2011). Lastly he pointed to South African law enforcement agencies being “poorly equipped to prosecute the perpetrators of cyber-attacks.” (Nugent,2011).
Although you’ve heard the adage “education is power”, that certainly comes true when it comes to cybercrime. Education, use of firewalls, practicing safe surfing, shopping, comprehensive security software and updated system, use of strong passwords, and the use common sense are the few precautions that are to be adopted to protect one from
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Software intrusions are vastly viewed as on of the most earnest potential national security, public safety and financial challenges. Technology in this instance becomes a double-edge sword. However, technology advances show people a more efficient way to do things. It gives facts access to information. The search engines on the internet help you find information on any topic but so does it encourage crime such as online fraud.

Interestingly, the effectiveness of a spear-phishing attack rises from 3% to 70% when private personal information is accessed easily online or hacked through open source websites. (Fichardt,2015). Cybercrime stats posted by the south African Banking Risk Information Center show that South Africans lose in excess of R22 billion to internet fraud and phishing attacks annually. (Fichardt,2015).
It is a little known fact that only 28 countries in the world have a cyber security policy in place. South Africa is one of them, but its policy is heavily criticized. Prof Basie von Solms, director of the Centre for Cyber Security at the University of Johannesburg, says a single point of contact is needed for cyber security in the South African government. "The African Union convention shows South Africa is far behind as far as cyber security is concerned. Government and private sector must work together to cyber secure South
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