Evin Prison Research Paper

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Three Azerbaijan Christian converts who were imprisoned in Evin prison in Iran for their faith were miraculously freed after spending months in solitary confinement.
In an exclusive interview with Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) News hours after they were released from Evin prison, the three Christians admitted that what they did in Iran was risky. Bahram Nasibov, Eldar Gurbanov and Yusif Farhadov travelled to Tehran on June 24 to meet with Christians when the events took a different turn.
Middle East Concern had earlier reported that the three Christians were invited to a wedding. They were supposed to tour Iran for three more days if things had gone down smoothly.
Farhadov told CBN that he was conducting a Bible study when more than 20
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They were also sent to Evin Prison, where they spent two months in solitary confinement.
Farhadov revealed that he had dreamt twice about being arrested. While he was confined in his cell, he recalled the dream but he gained strength to endure the ordeal when God impressed hope upon him through Psalm 2, which promises the nations as their inheritance. Gurbanov said they were regularly harassed but they never lost hope.
The three men were told that they could spend the next 10 years in jail, but something miraculous happened. Russian pastor Alexander Neretin had launched a campaign for their release just after they were arrested. Churches in and around Azerbaijan conducted 24-hour prayers for their release for almost two months, and Iranian authorities later allowed them to go home on bail.
Although their stint in Evin Prison was a difficult one, Nasibov said they are still not afraid to share their Christian faith to other people around the world. Farhadov said he is thankful that God has given him the privilege to take part in Christ’s suffering and to be part of His
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