Evobox Case Study Answers

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Frequently Asked Questions
1) How does Evobox work
Evobox is a revolutionary device that effectively connects to your internet network and you can stream your favourite music, movies and popular TV series directly to your TV set. Packed with advanced yet easy to use features Evobox can be configured with ease. Below is the list of most commonly asked questions about this device.
2) Why should you go for the Evobox?
Easy to use- We at evobox have taken special care to ensure that its operation is simplistic and less complicated so that anyone can use it.
Plethora of options to choose from- Wide array of programs, including popular TV shows to movies add a new horizon to your TV watching experience
HD quality video
With Evobox, enjoy the
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9) What video quality to be expected from my Evobox ?
The video quality is totally dependent on the speed of your internet connection. In case of slower connection, video quality will be like that of a VHS tape, and during faster connections, you can enjoy 720p to 1080 p video quality.
10) Can I use Evobox for internet surfing?
Yes, you can easily do internet and surf the web with the Evobox.
11) Any fees involved with the Evobox?
You don’t have to pay any fees whether it is monthly or annual to use Evobox, however you need to pay a subscription fees in case you want to watch some specific channels like Netflix, MLB and much more.
12) Is Evobox equipped with parental control feature?
Now, you can block any adult content from the minors with the push of a button. Thanks to the parental control feature of the Evobox.
13) Does the Evobox come with the subtitles?
Yes, subtitles are available with the Evobox and you can select the subtitles according to your region and suitability.
14) How to solve any network issues in the
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