Evoking And Archetypes

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The term Evoke means to invite an entity,spirit, archetype or deity into your cast circle but not into yourself. You are able to feel their energy and emotions and it comes out through you. You express their emotions and behavior through yourself but you are still in control of yourself and the spirit, entity, archetype or deity is still outside of you. Evoking is not the same as Invoking, in which the spirit, entity, archetype or deity basically “steps into” your body and controls your actions and can speak through you. In Evoking the spirit, entity, archetype or deity is actually within you.
Evoking to me means inviting or calling an element, entity,spirit, archetype or deity into my circle for assistance or help but not into my body. I
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I feel that evoking a goddess or god to help me in my magical work could be very helpful. I’d love to work with evoking archetypes, I feel that it could be a great way for me to bring in the changes I would like to see in myself and life. I have some experience in evoking my animal spirit guides and overcoming a deep set anxiety problem I had with great success. It was a very positive experience and very effective.
I feel that knowing and understanding what the term evoke means is very important. It’s a practise very commonly used in paganism and wicca as well as a great tool for our magical work. It is vital to understand the difference between evoking and invoking in order to properly use each and get good results. If you don’t really understand what evoke actually means I don’t feel that you can use it effectively or utilize it fully in your own magical
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They are not interchangeable terms. Invoke is to bring a entity,spirit, archetype or deity into your own body unlike evoke where you bring a entity,spirit, archetype or deity into your circle, not your body. To be confused in this area could cause trouble because if you are saying one thing but intending something else entirely you will not be effective or you could get very unexpected results, not really a good thing when working magic!
Evoke is an important part of paganism and wicca, as well as a wonderful tool to help us make the most of our magical workings and achieve better results. It’s simple enough for new pagans and wiccans to use but at the same time so powerful and mysterious.The possibilities you could explore in using evoking are endless and exciting. The opportunities to use evocation are many and it just may become a common part of your personal magical

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