Evolution And Creation Theory: The Concept Of Human Origin

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The concept of human origin has been an unravelled puzzle. There are many theories that have been developed to trace the origin of human beings. Evolution and creation concepts remain as major conflicting theories to explain the origin of man. These topics have sparked heated debates all across the globe and the reasons for support of each theory remains unrefined. People have been left to believe the theory in which they believe mostly applies: either evolution or creation. This paper will discuss moral individualism versus traditional morality, the view of scholars and scientists on evolution theory and biotechnology versus natural means of procreation.
James and Stephen are in a sharp conflict on the issue of value and importance. Stephen argues that the Darwin’s theory does not address issues of value. The Darwin theory does not provide a basis for conclusion of who is important between an animal and a human being. The argument of value and speciality was not the message in Darwin’s theory. Therefore, Stephen believes that James is riding on another man’s facts to justify his theory.
James is a philosopher and so all his arguments take a philosophical look. Stephen, a scientist, is more interested with facts rather than critical thinking. James highlights his support for Darwin theory and presumes the issue of morality and speciality. On the other hand, Gould thinks that James has gone beyond the boundaries of the theory of creation.
Their conflict is heightened by the
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