Evolution Is An Argumentative Essay: Good Arguments Against Evolution

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The Essay “Good Arguments Against Evolution” is an argumentative essay that argues against evolution and for the existence of God, the essay is by a website www.creationtips.com a Christian site. The site is all about creationism(Support for the argument of a God), and the essay is aimed at atheists and agnostics. The Author of the essay at times effectively used rhetoric to fairly get across their view, but their over reliance on ethos and pathos overall negatively affected the essay stripping the argument they were presenting of depth. At times throughout the essay the author from the website uses rhetoric to convincingly get across he or she's ideas. A good example of when the author is able to correctly use ethos is when they state “There…show more content…
The wording the author uses and the overall tone of the essay shifts into the author incorrectly using pathos to attempt to persuade. An example of this wording this point stems from the fourth paragraph “Despite the evidence being pathetic, even if you claim the title of world's biggest optimist”(40), this example goes to show he or she's bias has completely leaked into the argument. The Author uses a word like pathetic to disrupt other sides argument, this is not proper and does not showcase a competent author. He or she has become unhinged as the words and tone of the essay no longer is no longer professional. The lack of professionalism hurts the credibility of their side as they cannot effectively communicate their ideas and instead rely on talking bad about the other side. By emotionally shifting the tone of the argument to talking about the other side with a word such as “pathetic” the author is calling into question the intelligence of the other side. This feels like an attempt to emotionally manipulate the reader to their side. By resulting to a cheap tactic such as this the essay and argument as a whole is

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