Evolution Of Communication Technology

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“Communication technologies are the nervous system of contemporary society, transmitting and distributing sensory and control information and interconnecting a myriad of interdependent units. Because these technologies are vital to commerce, control and even interpersonal relationships, any change in communication technologies has the potential for profound impacts on virtually every area of society.” (Grant, Meadows, 2006) The above statement elucidates to us the significance of these technologies, which have become embodied as a part of our day-to-day lives in today’s jet age. The development of technology in each and every aspect of our lives has had a huge influence on the world in all its enactments and actions. It has in fact totally…show more content…
The media being the one, which is the most enhanced by these new developed and developing technologies. One of the salient hallmarks of the industrial revolution was the introduction and advent of new communication technologies as mechanisms of control that played an important role in almost every field of production and distribution of manufactured goods. These communication technologies have evolved throughout the past two decades at an increasingly rapid rate. The evolution which may have begun in the nineteenth century but has taken pace over the past two decades or thereabouts now shows no signs of slowing, so an intricate understanding of this evolution is vital for any individual wishing to attain or retain a position in business, government, education or society and as a matter of fact in any walk of…show more content…
They used the analog technology, which wasn’t as reliable as the digital technology that we now use. These phones were bulky and weren’t convenient to carry everywhere. They had in fact just become a status symbol for the people to posses and as a matter of fact had then created a class of its own. During the 1990’s keeping in mind all the disadvantages of the first generation phones, it was time for the 2G (second generation) phones, which were introduced with great improvements. The digital technology, the compact size, the affordable price were few of the important and salient factors in making the 2nd generation phones a success among the public and indirectly enabling the cell phone industry to reach another level altogether, albeit, that they till then continued to be primarily used for voice

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