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Abstract Nature and Art has been providing ideas for aesthetic utility for many years usually based on visual and physical properties of the natural object or phenomenon being observed. Recent Scientific research relating art thrown up a plethora for new experiments and aspects into technologies such as Digital Media Art. Such Art can be Music, Paintings, Dance and Writings. These traditional Art are being integrating with digital technologies to promote and propagate around the world. By the time Computer Music has also become one of the popular technologies for digitization of music. With the widespread availability of digital technologies, music composers and producers too have embraced this modern technology for making music. They…show more content…
This Engineer was Max Mathews known as Father of Computer Music. Although he was not the first person who generate sound with computer. MAX was the first computer musician who generated musical sound with a replicable combination of hardware and software that allowed the users to specify what kind of tones they wanted to hear. This was the time where whole ‘Computer Music’ thing started and soon the term electronic music is replaced by computer music with rapidly development of computer…show more content…
There were probably a many universities and research centers exploring computer compositions. A large mainframe was build for a typical research center and these were shared among various composers and researchers by logging on at time. After days of text entry, it might take hours to compile the sounds onto tape or hard drive. Through digital to analog conversion, the file read off the computer tape and finally the composer could hear his fruitful results of his labor. Most of the research papers were started publishing in the Computer Music Journal or The Journal of the Audio Engineering Society and these papers were shared at International Computer Music Conferences, which began in 1974. The International Computer Music Association put on these conferences later on. The goal of the research centers was to produce software as well as hardware. Research at these centers aimed that could do serious synthesis in real time. These centers produced many unique instruments and softwares. Some of which became commercial products too. They all started their work with MAX’s MUSIC but built new products and softwares in their own way to meet the requirements. The major research canters concerning computer music in 70’s were M.I.T., The University of Illinois at Champaigne-Urbana, the Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustic/Music in Paris (IRCAM), and The Center for Computer Research in Music and

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