Evolution Of Corporate Social Responsibility

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Chapter I

The Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is associated with how it impacts on the organization’s behavior. To understand the impact of CSR on organization behavior we need to comprehend its progression. The purpose of this paper is to trace the conceptual evolution of CSR.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be defined a commitment for businesses to behave ethically and contribute to economic and their families. CSR also works towards benefiting the local community at large, which in turn is helping to improve our society. The Corporate Social Responsibility promotes a vision of business accountability to a wide range of stakeholder, besides shareholders and investor. The key areas of concern
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In our society, practicing CSR has become increasingly more important for businesses of all sizes.

Foreign Literature

According to Vikramjit kaur Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a form of corporate self regulation shown into a business model. The CSR would function as self regulating mechanism where business would monitor and ensure that their obedience to the law, ethical standards and the normal standards. He said, CSR in India is being considered as a vital key for business rather than as a charity. CSR is relevant in business for our society. It is particularly needed for the countries like India, where India have limited resources for their growing ambitions and growing population.
CSR involves in commitment, mobilization of employees voluntarism, innovative approaches, appropriate technology and continuing partnership have been making lasting differences in the life of the poor. The synergy of corporate action with the government and the civil society are making the CSR interventions more effective and facilitating the corporate carrying on business in the society. (Vikramjit kaur, Rayat Institute of Management, Railmajra, Punjab Technical University,
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The global presence of Canadian Extractive Corporation represents a potential force for responsible resource development around industry and extractive corporation have been recognized domestically and internationally for the leadership on the issues. As the companies continue to expand and seek more opportunities in remote areas, including those with weak governance, the social and environmental challenges they face become more complex and need to act responsibly more important. The government’s goal in strengthening the CSR strategy is to enchance the ability of Canadian extractive sector companies to manage social and environmental risk in a manner that aligns with international CSR guidelines and best practices and also brings lasting benefit for those whos been affected by their projects. It is a way of doing business that will not only contributes to success internationally but also reflects Canadian values and help the Canadian to reinforce their leadership and be responsible for the business.
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