Evolution Of Gender Roles In The 1950s And 1980s

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Gender roles are becoming a thing of the past. Today, more and more people are ignoring the ancient order of gender roles. Women are becoming doctors and men are getting their nails done. There is no question that things have been changing drastically in the past years. Gender roles in the past are much different from the new gender roles that are forming.
In the past, men were better than women, and anyone to deny it was surely off their rocker. Even entertainment pictured men as superior to women. This was brought up in Gender displaying television commercials: A comparative study of television commercials in the 1950s and 1980s:
In general, men and women are shown in different settings, performing different activities, and displaying different
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As a result, 42% feel that gender roles today are confusing.(Jayson )
Clearly, the younger generation, who is taking over the population, has a very different outlook on gender roles. This is leading an even bigger change in future of gender roles. Women are becoming more and more frequent in what was originally considered male dominated careers, such as law and medicine. The idea that women take care of the children and home, while the men take care of finances is becoming less and less prominent. Some men are stay-at-home dad’s while the women make the money. While there are many differences between then and now, there are also some similarities. Some things just don’t change. The main similarities lie in the male gender role. What has really changed in male gender roles? Yes, some stay with the kids and have what were originally classified as feminine jobs, but it hasn’t changed like female gender roles. Where it’s now okay for females to take part in masculine sports and activities, it’s still considered by many (mostly by the older generation) strange to see a male take part in feminine things. Of course, there are always the few who defy and wear skirts and makeup, but as a whole it hasn’t

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