Evolution Of Gender Roles In The 1950's

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Over the years there have been many movies that have come out were characters either fall in their gender roles or they step out of their gender roles. When movies first came out, filmmakers usually made movies where characters within the movie had typical or traditional gender roles. The reason that they did that was because they wanted to present viewers with characters they can easily recognisable and relatable to, by portraying a conventional image of a person or group of people with identifiable characteristics. There are many examples of this.

For instance, in shows like “Leave it to Beaver”, the mother in the show does the typical housewife thing and does things like cook, clean, and take care of her husband and son. During that time period those were the things that were considered “their duty”. Sometime movies don’t always fall into gender roles, but instead create them. An example of stereotypical gender roles being involuntary put on women, is in the movie “Cinderella”. In the 1950’s the movie “Cinderella” gave women the impression that marriage was the ultimate life goal. According to PBS, “In the 1950’s, women felt an immense societal pressure to focus their
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I think that's partly because people are starting to realize women are becoming more free from social limitations. The role of women in cinema has been transfiguring since the 19th century. You see this in shows like “I love Lucy”. Lucy is a wife who doesn’t fall into her typical gender role. She is constantly giving her husband, her opinions and she pretty much says how she feels all the time, which isn’t what most wives did during that time period or at least they weren't supposed too. They weren’t really supposed to speak their mind because that was seen as a man’s job. He was essentially the head of the house and it was more of a “What he says, goes”, type of
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