Evolution Of Gender Roles In The 19th Century

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Everyone has a moral sense of what the purpose of evolution is. Looking back into the past, men and women lived in a world of catastrophe—filled with blood, sweat and tears. Everyday, battles were fought, lives were sacrificed, and certain decisions were taken to an extreme in order to become a “strong unified nation.” It was no wonder why the world in such huge conflict day after another. However, while men stood strong fighting on the battlefields, women simply sat back, and watched. During the 19th century, women were considered to only be held working in the household rather than any form of labor work due to the fact that they were considered to be weak and unable to obtain certain powers as men. They were expected to maintain all chores within the house, and take care of their children. Women were not allowed to leave the house, unless approved by the husband, nor were they able to vote, and have an education. All in all, women had unequal rights to men. Now, why was it that women had unequal rights to men other than the fact that they were considered to be “weak?” It was assumed that if women had not yet similar…show more content…
As of today, gender roles are nowhere near to be compared as to how they were then. However, the struggle for equal opportunities and or rights still remains. An average woman can be working the exact same job and hours as a man, be equally trained and educated with the same experiences as a man; though, with the exception that they get unequal pay. If a person, man or woman, gets the job done right, he or she should be able to get paid for their achievements no matter what gender, knowing the fact that they are both just as capable to perform equal skills as one another. Therefore one should not get paid more due to their
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