Evolution Of Hip Hop In The 1970's

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“Fools thought they were celebrating the 30th anniversary of hip hop…when they were really presiding over a funeral (Tate).” This quote from “Hip Hop turns 30 watcha celebratin’ for?” is both true and false. It is true because the hip hop that emerged in the 1970s is slowly disappearing from the music world and a new form of hip hop is reigning supreme, some would say a more commercialized or corporate version of hip hop. Despite its slow disappearance from the scene, aspects of the hip hop world created in the 1970s are still present in the current music scene. For instance, the dependence on beats to carry a song, the misogyny, the studio gangsta, and last but not least, the dis element. Though the current commercialized version of hip…show more content…
Several decades ago hip hop started with just beats, occasionally the DJ would shout some words over the beat to hype the crowd up and masses of people gathered in clubs to dance all night long to the mixed and sampled beats of DJs. In the following years lyricist or MC’s began to put words to the beats changing the hip hop game forever. An MC relied heavily on the beats created by a dj to make a crowd pleasing song. Similarly, music today relies heavily on beats to sell. Many artist write songs that lack thought provoking lyrics however, the beat of the song will draw you…show more content…
Several decades ago there were people who didn’t think hip hop would make it past the 1970s. When Sugarhiil Gang released Rappers delight on the radio scene it gained mainstream attention, but the view on hip hop was still limited. By the late 1980s more music was being released into mainstream and eventually appeared in suburban homes. Slowly the dominant culture began to accept the music being released by artist such as, N.W.A., and Run D.M.C, but because of the violent nature of their music they still faced opposition from the government, and the police. For example, in 1987 “hip hop was thrust under a microscope by right-wing politicians and police after Run D.M.C was accused of inciting a riot after their show in Los Angeles (digital dream door, stereo williams)”. Soon platforms such as YO! MTV Raps appeared and allowed all of America to enjoy hip hop. Today Hip hop has taken over and has tremendous influence on fashion, language, media, and
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