Evolution Of Horse Racing

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Horses have been around for almost as long as anyone can remember and have been used for numerous reasons. Horses were used in the past as transportation to get from one place to another and they were used as work horses to plant fields. Horses have also been used to fight in wars also. Nowadays people use horses for more recreational reasons that include but are not limited to showing, trail riding, work, and racing.
Racing has been around for many years in other countries but had recently only came to the United States of America about two hundred years ago. Racing has many different versions and can also range with the different types and sizes of horses involved with the race. Cart races can be used with different sizes of horses from
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He had travelled to Europe in 1872 and toured the top facilities to get a better idea of what he wanted to construct himself in Kentucky. Horse racing had been popular in England since the early 1700’s. He decided to base the design off of Epsom Downs. Epsom Downs is the oldest race track in England and is also the the most famous. ( Nicholson pg 6 ) Clark began the long hard work of starting the construction from the help of his uncles. He was able to lease eighty acres from his uncles that would soon expand. He did not have the money to either buy his own land or start the construction by himself, so he had to come up with a way to kickstart his dreams. He was able to start his construction process by selling over 320 memberships for one hundred dollars a piece. People jumped at the idea of being able to be apart of something new. ( Katte pg 9-13…show more content…
Churchill Downs has been sold numerous times and probably will always be sold throughout the rest of history. The first time it was sold was in 1893. Churchill Downs was bought by William Applegate who had plans to make Churchill Downs more distinct. He wanted to add spires to the top of the building. Applegate had to sell Churchill Downs again. He sold his dreams to Charles F. Grainger in 1902. Grainger was the mayor of Louisville, where the grand event takes place. ( “A Closer Look: Churchill Downs” pg 42) Grainger was head of Churchill Downs for twenty six years before he handed the reins over to the American Turf Association. American Turf Association gained control on January 16, 1928.William Whitley was the president of the association during that time. Whitley was an American Pioneer, who just so happened to settle in Kentucky. He had already owned his own track in 1788, but this track was different.( Katte pg 14-16) His racetrack was made of clay instead of the normal sandy substances. He also had his races ran counterclockwise, other traditional races are ran. ( Katte pg 14-16
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