Evolution Of Indian Fashion

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Fashion in India: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
The Fascinating evolution of Indian fashion over the years
Clothing and fashion provide the perfect material medium through which cultural and conceptual shifts and evolving identities can be negotiated, fine-tuned and shaped to suit individual and collective needs.
Clothing is a means of identity all over the world and it can signify wealth, status, race, gender and ethnic values. Margaret Maynard in dress and globalisation (2004) has written: “Alison Lurie claims that clothing and comportment is a sign system, literally a language, with its own specific word and sentences.”
A piece of cloth can express the identity of an individual, its attitude and behaviour. Clothing can denote signs and values of a culture. Every detail of the clothing can be significant. Type of fabric, colour and shape of garment all can mean something to a particular culture. India has a rich and colourful heritage in terms of textiles, weaves, culture and it is an inspiration to international designers.
Costumes are the mirror of civilization. The different stages in a civilization urban, rural, tribal, feudal or industrial can be easily observed with the help of dress. Every country has its own erogenous zones. What many Indians today belief are home-grown ideas of decorum and modesty are in fact British imports - bequeathed to us by the Raj.
In India Cotton has been used for clothing for since long. The remnants of the ancient Indian

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