Evolution Of Language Assignment: The Evolution Of Language

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History of Language

Assignment 2

Topic: The Evolution of Language

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Major: English Language & Linguistics
Semester: 1 The Evolution of Language

Question.1- Write a detail note on language as the expression of first language of humanity.
Answer- Language plays an important role in our lives. Language is very important for human interaction. However, the origin of language will remain obscure forever. The inception of language has been the significant subject of studies over the past few centuries. Language is a gift to mankind by God. The promoter of divine origin theory thought of the significant question that which language was used by God, Adam and eve. Different religions have different beliefs about the origin of language. It is said in Genesis that god gave power to Adam to name all the things and similar beliefs are found throughout the world. The people believe that language giver was God, so different people follow different languages which they believed are given to them by their God. For thousands of years, the scientific experiments have been planned to confirm certain theories of first language.
The ancient Greek historian Herodotus investigated that the Egyptian pharaoh
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