Bass: The Evolution Of Leadership

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Leadership evolution
In the book written by Bass (1990) express an excellent quote, “Napoleon expressed his feelings about the importance of leadership in his quip that he would rather have an army of rabbits led by a lion than an arm of lions led by a rabbit” (Bass, 1990, p.6).
Many scholars and practitioners have found that it very challenging to put one definition on the concept of leadership. Bass (2008) argues that, in industrial, education, and military settings, and to include social movements, leadership plays a critical, if not the most critical role and therefore an important subject for study and research (p. 20). There for it may be helpful to start with the evolution of leadership and followership starting with the years 1900-continuing
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According to Moore (1927) stated that, “Gen. Stewart defined leadership as the ability to impress the will of the leader on those led and induced obedience, respect, loyalty, and cooperation” (p.124). Therefore, leading to the theme that leadership emphasizes control and centralization of power. Moore ((1927) also stated that “leadership is a means to good management which gets the results desired by the leaders” (p. 128).
Leadership in the 1930s began to add traits to the focus of leadership according to Northouse (2016). Traits can be considered as a
Followership evolution
Followership has started in the beginning of time with Moses leading the Israelites however, there was not an actual formal name. However, everyone has been a follower at some point in their life. According to Gobble (2017) the world needs follower-actively, engaged, courageous follower-every bit as much as it need leaders, perhaps more. Good followers support their leaders, but they also push them, asking the questions that may lead to stronger decisions and calling out behavior they believe is unethical or dishonest (p.60).
Definition of
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