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Ever since I got my first skateboard I have been falling, mostly because of the small wheels it comes with; In my opinion they are meant to do tricks with, which is the funny part. Later on, I bought a huge board from a friend for $30. It was in good condition, I never saw a board like it before. The board had bigger wheels than the stock skateboard wheels I originally had. It was faster and stable. I rode my Longboard everywhere to the beach and cruise around the city. From that day on, longboarding has always been my favorite form of transportation. They're fast, reliable, healthy and easy to maneuver around obstacles according to the “warehouse skateboard” website. Although, they are fun and appreciation has grown for the use of longboarding, how is it that it became an alternative form of transportation (as opposed to cars)? First, Longboarding came shortly after the evolution of the skateboards. The first…show more content…
Their idea was based on the following thought, “to transfer the feeling of riding waves onto the streets” according to the SkateDeluxe website. However, multiple surfers claim they generated the idea first, so we cannot give credit to one specific person; However, one can appreciate and say that skateboards were created and influenced by the surfing culture. Moreover, like with every invention a company or single inventor make their first invention they will always face some obstacles; that being said, skateboards had problems when they first debuted. They were very crude, it was essentially metal roller skate wheels (without bearing) slapped on a 2x4’ piece of

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