Evolution Of Mass Media In The 20th Century

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What were the major developments in the evolution of mass media during the 20th century? In the early 1900’s newspaper and magazine were the main sources of mass media. In the 1930 's and 1940’s, the radio supplied a new source to reach the masses. Most people who wanted to hear what was going on either waited for the newspaper or tuned in to the radio to catch the important information that was going on in the world. Newspaper is what was used more often than anything else. Newspapers and magazines merged together to make communication more advanced and effective. Radio sent out information to places unreachable by wires from a telegraph or telephone. Television is another major development, which brought about many changes. Television
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Then satellites were invented giving the community a new way to tune into what was going on the world it that was the “News” which we still use to this day. With the use of satellite technology, there was ability for there to be 24-hour news stations. This subsequently made many newspapers disappear and brought people the ability to have choices in the news they could receive. By the end of the century more than half of the country owned with basic cable. From then to now mass media has matured and so many different ways. We now have mobile devices, internet, and computers to keep in touch with what is going on, and the mass media just continues to keep growing. People like to know what is going on as soon as it happens and this will cause the growth of mass media to become even better and faster, so that people will not have to just guess what is happening. Within one century we go from having to only rely on printed publications to access information to typing anything imaginable into computer and…show more content…
Media convergence is the merging of mass communication outlets – print, television, radio, the Internet along with portable and interactive technologies through various digital media platforms. Media convergence is very important to businesses today. These technologies today help different businesses reach out to one another that are in long distance range. This makes daily living much easier to get the information that you need, rather it is for a certain product or information on what is going on in your neighborhood. In this day and age we depend on technology way too much. What would we do if cellphones got took from us? Or the internet just completely disappeared? We would not know what to do with ourselves. We are so use to using these new technologies that we would not know what to do if we had to go back to depending on newspapers and the news to get our information, or writing letters to communicate with one another. Media convergence has affected everyday life by making news easier to access. In this society mass media is what makes the world go around, without it we will be

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